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Austria is in the heart of Europe. If you’re moving to Austria soon, you’ll find out the country has a healthy and family-friendly environment, and it’s rich with German influence culture, winter sports, and vast history. The official language is German but according to multiple expats you can get by with English just fine, especially in the main cities.

One thing you will find in Austria is a known-to-be quite good and professional healthcare system, both public and private. If you choose a private healthcare though, you will have access to private hospitals, which might have more amenities than public ones, and probably shorten your waiting time for an appointment.

Whether you already live in Austria or are thinking about moving there, you probably already know the country has a glorious musical heritage and beautiful landscapes, and you can see and feel the love for nature and music when exploring around and in most people you meet. Throughout the year there are multiple cultural events related to art, music and food, and the city is filled with monuments and museums to visit. The food in this country has a high influence from Hungarian, French and Italian cuisine. Dishes like Wiener schnitzel, Wurstel and Apfelstrudel will probably not be missing from the menu of the nearest restaurant.

The main cities are Vienna, Innsbruck, and Salzburg, but other cities, such as Graz and Villach, are also very much expat-friendly and will give you a feeling of fairytale when walking around.

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